Illegal immigrants will create 10 Kashmir-like problems for India, says Ramdev

Rohtak: Yoga guru Ramdev on August 10 termed the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam an important step in controlling the number of illegal immigrants in India, warning that if they are allowed to stay on, they would make 10 more Kashmir-like problems for the country.
Talking to the media during sidelines of a program in Rohtak, Ramdev claimed there were four crore illegal immigrants presently in India and demanded they all must be deported.
“Whether they’re Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Rohingyas or even Americans, illegal immigrants pose a high threat to India’s security and thus they all must be deported. We are not able to handle one Kashmir and if Rohingyas are allowed to stay, they will make 10 more Kashmir-like problems for us,” he said.
The yoga guru also said that the country needed laws that would specifically define creamy layers in backward classes who should not be included in reservation. “Even today there are sections of society that require reservation. But financially secure people, whether they belong to any caste or religion, should not be given reservation,” he said.

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