‘Ignorance of law’ rule applies to consulates too


By Basant Kohli
Via e-mail

I appreciate GOPIO’s action in approaching the Prime Minister of India regarding the new rule under which returning of Indian passport by those who got citizenship of another country. I also read the reply of Indian Consulate in the Indian papers saying that ignorance of law is no excuse.

This should apply to the Consulate of India too who ignored this by issuing visas, OCI cards, etc., without demanding the surrender of Indian passports till March this year. A fee of $175 is nothing but government’s effort to collect money by hook or crook.

If Indians, who obtained citizenship of other countries, are to be penalized why not the Indian mission too who deliberately ignored and issued visas, etc., without requiring to surrender the Indian passports. They should also be penalized. Therefore, the ignorance of law rule applies to the                  consulates too. The government cannot suddenly wake up and apply the rule only to PIOs.

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