“If INDI alliance wants to accept servitude of their vote bank, perform mujra…”: PM Modi

Ghazipur, May 25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting for the Lok Sabha elections, in Ghazipur on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched a scathing attack on the India bloc for appeasement politics, saying that they are performing “mujra to keep their vote bank” intact, adding that till Modi is alive, he won’t allow the rights of ST, SC or OBC to be snatched away.
“I am giving the guarantee to Bihar, SC, ST, OBC communities, till Modi is alive, I will not let them snatch away their rights. For Modi, the Constitution is supreme, for Modi, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s sentiments are supreme… if the INDI alliance wants to accept the servitude of their vote bank, they are free to do so…if they want to perform mujra (dance), they are free to do… I will still stand with the SC, ST, OBC reservation staunchly. Jb tak jaan hai ladta rahunga,” PM Modi said.
PM Modi said that Uttar Pradesh witnessed huge riots under Samajwadi Party rule as they nurtured mafias.
“Under the SP rule, the mafia used to roam around with ‘Lal Batti’. They used to challenge the law in open jeeps. They used to open fire at their nemesis. Riots were an identity of UP. Every month, there used to be 2-3 big riots under the SP rule. This affected the poor, shopkeepers, and businesspersons. Under the Yogi government, riots and rioters, both are gone… The Shehzade of the SP once said that they would stop the entry of the mafia, but then he went and sat at the feet of the mafia. SP nourished the mafia and gave them a ticket…” said PM Modi while addressing a public rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur.
Taking a dig at the Congress party he said that they are an expert in delaying work and usurping people’s rights. They did not even allow our brave army soldiers to get One Rank, One Pension. One Rank, One Pension was implemented when Modi came.
Hitting out at the INDIA bloc over “betraying the people of Ghazipur”, the PM said that after independence, the Congress had vowed that it would not develop this area. The people here are forced to live a life of poverty.
“The problem here was first raised by our Gahmari Babu, he told Nehruji about the situation here in the Parliament and with tears in his eyes Gahmari Babu said how the people here used to eat wheat by picking it from the animal dung. But what did the Congress party do… they found political opportunities in that too. Today I am satisfied that our government is providing free ration to every poor person,” he added further.
The sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections is underway with a voter turnout of 49.2 per cent recorded so far across 58 constituencies, according to the Election Commission of India.
As per the ECI, West Bengal recorded the highest voter turnout (70.19 per cent) followed by Jharkhand (54.34 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (43.95 per cent), Odisha (48.44 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir (44.41 per cent), Bihar (45.21 per cent), Haryana (46.26 per cent), and Delhi (44.58 per cent).
The sixth phase of Lok Sabha polls includes eight seats in Bihar, all 10 seats in Haryana, one seat in Jammu and Kashmir, four in Jharkhand, all seven seats in Delhi, six in Odisha, 14 in Uttar Pradesh, and eight in West Bengal. A total of 889 candidates are in the fray.
Polling has already been completed on 428 parliamentary constituencies for 25 states and UTs in the first five phases of general elections.
The Lok Sabha elections will be completed on June 1 after the seventh phase of polls in which voters from 57 constituencies will exercise their franchise. The results will be declared on June 4.

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