If Bajrangis revolt, Congress will be thrown out of country: Bommai

Dharwad (Karnataka), May 3 (IANS) Reacting to the Congress mentioning in its election manifesto for Karnataka that it will impose a ban on Bajrang Dal if voted to power, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Tuesday that the Congress will be thrown out of the country if the ‘Bajrangis’ — the devotees of Lord Hanuman — revolt.
“The Congress is talking about banning the Bajrang Dal. They have likened the Bajrang Dal with PFI, an anti-national and terrorist organisation that has already been banned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Bommai said during BJP’s election campaign in Dharwad.
The Chief Minister claimed that Bajrang Dal upholds the country’s heritage, culture, history, and religion.
“If the Bajrangi revolt, the Congress will be removed from its roots and thrown out of the country,” he said.
Speaking at the roadshow for Navalgund BJP candidate Shankar Patil Munenkoppa, Bommai said that Navalgund is the land of farmers’ revolt.
“The farmers of this region are hard-working. Earlier, the fields were not getting water despite Malaprabha river’s flow. The Congress government tried to collect water tax from the farmers without supplying water and later the police opened fire on them,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that the farmers protested to bring Mahadayi river water through Malaprabha to Navalgund and Nargund.
The Congress became the big hurdle for the 20-year-long agitation, he said.
“The then AICC President Sonia Gandhi had said in Goa that not a drop of water from Mahadayi river will be given to Karnataka. The Kalasa-Bandura agitators were beaten up black and blue by the police during the Congress regime. Even the women farmers were beaten up. Will you vote for the Siddaramaiah governmen,” Bommai asked the gathering.
The Chief Minister also said that the Congress which speaks of social justice had termed the hike in quota as anti-Constitution.
“The BJP government has done justice to all the communities, but the Congress moved the court through the backdoor,” he said.

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