iCharge Eco DX Solar Power Charger Comes In Various Colors

I know there are lots of portable chargers out there, but isn’t it nice to have too many options you can’t actually choose which one to get? Well, the new player is this iCharge Eco DX Solar Power Charger that is capable of harnessing the sun’s power, as well as getting juiced up from an AC adapter.

With its 1350mAh battery that can work with a variety of mobile devices like iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Mini, this portable charger can get power from the solar panel attached on its front and through USB port and AC adaptor 100V. It also has a power output of 5.3V/63mA maximum.

Aside from Apple products, this charger is also compatible with Japanese cellphone models like Docomo, AU and Softbank, as well as with portable gaming systems such as DS Lite, DSi/DSi LL and PSP.

You can get the iCharge Eco DX Solar Power Charger in various colors—green, blue, red, pink, silver, white and black—and for about $103.58.

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