I have more than one plan, says Imran as he calls for protests on eve of no-trust vote

Islamabad, April 2 (IANS) Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday urged the country’s youth to stage “peaceful protests” against a “foreign conspiracy” allegedly hatched against his government and said that he has “more than one plan” for Sunday’s crucial vote on the no-confidence motion against him in the National Assembly, Dawn reported.
The Prime Minister made these remarks during a live question and answer session, which was broadcast live on television, radio and digital media, and lasted roughly an hour.
“Before taking your telephone calls, I want to talk to the people of my country for five minutes because right now Pakistan is standing on a decisive point,” the prime minister said in his opening remarks.
“This is a war for the future of the country. There’s a conspiracy against the government right now and it has been proven that politicians are being bought like goats to topple the government. The conspiracy started abroad…
“The history never forgets those. And I want Pakistan’s history to not forget these traitors either. It is your responsibility. Don’t let them feel that you have forgotten.”
The prime minister said he will take legal action against those who “betrayed the nation”.
“I met my lawyers today and we have a plan. We wont let them go free. All of them will be punished. We will decide by tonight the kind of legal action we want to take against them.”
The prime minister claimed that the “foreign conspiracy” against him has been proven. “The cabinet, NSC and the parliament’s security committee have seen it. The official document says that if you remove Imran Khan, your relations with the US will get better.”
Addressing the youth of the country, Khan said: “You don’t have to sit silently (because) if you stay quiet, you will be on the side of the bad. I want you to protest and speak up against this conspiracy — not for me but for your future.
Despite the opposition seemingly having accumulated enough MNAs to topple his government, Khan remained buoyant, saying: “Don’t worry at all. A captain always has a plan, and this time I have more than one plan… God willing we will win tomorrow. I will defeat them in the Assembly.
“The nation will see tomorrow… if they cast the vote tomorrow, they know they will be rejected by the public. You will see that we will win tomorrow,” he said.

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