Hyderabad: Many NRI cases in police stations

Hyderabad: Around six per cent of the cases reported in women police stations in the city are matrimonial disputes involving NRIs. The cases deal with husbands abandoning wives, mistreating or duping them. Many cases are being tried in courts.

The police has issued dozens of Look Out Circulars (LOCs) at airports and notices to men asking them to appear before it. However, only a few people have responded. Cops say there are also cases in which some men lived with their wives for less than a week, went abroad and never returned.

Many men do not return to India for a long time after they leave abandoning their wives. When women approach the police they register cases and issue LOCs at airports to detain the men if they come to India.

Inspector K. Ramesh of the women’s police station CCS said the police had issued 49 LOCs against NRI husbands last year. “In NRI cases, especially in which wives are abandoned by husbands, we issue LOCs. Only a few have been caught so far,” he said. Among the 49 cases most of the husbands are living in the Middle East. “Some live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada etc,” said the inspector.

In some cases men live with their wives for a while, leave India for work promising to take their spouses later. But, they suddenly cut all contacts.“Some sent divorce notices without coming to India,” the inspector said.

Police say it is difficult to bring them back to India. In a recent case reported at CCS, police detained a Saudi returnee named Abrar Hussain Nizami with the help of Immigration officials at RGIA on Monday.

“He was accused of taking a huge dowry, harassing his wife and leaving India. We registered a case against him following a complaint from the victim’s mother. On Monday, we detained him at the airport and produced him in court,” said an official from the women’s police station.

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