Human shield outside former South Africa President’s home to prevent arrest

Cape Town, July 4 (IANS) Former South African President Jacob Zuma’s followers have gathered outside his house on Sunday in order to prevent his possible arrest, media reports said.
Hundreds of supporters gathered outside his homestead in the eastern town of Nkandla this week, after a constitutional court found him guilty of contempt for defying its order to appear before an inquiry into corruption, the BBC reported.
As the court ordered Zuma to report to the nearest police station by midnight on Sunday and begin a 15-month jail sentence, more supporters arrived on Sunday, with many vowing to form a human shield to stop any arrest.
While Zuma has launched an appeal against the ruling, and the constitutional court has agreed to consider it, he remains at risk of arrest if he does not meet the Sunday deadline, the BBC says, citing analysts.

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