Human chain formed to pay tribute to Sri Lanka terror attack victims

New Delhi, Apr 23 (PTI) A group of people from different walks of life formed a human chain outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral here Tuesday to pay tribute to the victims of the Sri Lanka terror attack.
“Around 200 people from different religions, faith groups, including intellectuals, activists, have come together and formed a human chain and condemned the terror attack in Colombo on Sunday while worshippers attended Easter services,” Ovais Sultan Khan from The United Against Hate forum said.
Seven suicide bombers struck three churches and three hotels in Colombo where 321 people, including 38 foreigners, had died on Sunday.
“We are planning to visit Colombo to express our solidarity towards the Lankans. We area also planning to meet Sri Lankan High Commissioner in New Delhi,” Father Abraham Mathew, executive secretary of National Council of Churches in India, said.

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