How to take care of woolen clothes

As winter season arrives, woolen clothes get placed in our shelves from the trunk. Housewife need to take some extra care of woolen clothes than the other clothes as these are more delicate. Following are a few things to remember in order to keep your woolen clothes in good condition:

– Always use luke warm water and a good quality washing liquid for washing the woolen clothes. Some good quality liquids available in the market are Godrej Ezee, Wipro Safewash, etc.

– Dry them in shade otherwise they will either lose out their color or shape.

– If woolens are of fur, then first use wet cloth for cleaning then do usual washing.

– Never ever bleach woolen clothes.

– If it is instructed, “dryclean only” then do only drycleaning of woolen cloth, otherwise it will shrink and loose out its shine.

– Avoid continuous wearing of same woolens, wear them after a gap of  two or three days as it takes times for woolen clothes to regain its original shape.

– Brush up the coats and jackets gently before and after using them to avoid any bacteria breeding on them.

– Look properly that there should no strain on the clothes before storing.

– Wrap the naphthalene balls in a piece of clothes and keep it between the woolen clothes or can use neem leaves.

– If possible then store all the woolen clothes after dry-cleaning or sun dry them before stacking them for the next season.

– Fold and then store heavy sweaters instead of hanging them.

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