How to style ethnic wear

How to style ethnic wear. / IANS


New Delhi, June 24 (IANSlife) With its rich heritage, vibrant colours, intricate designs, and timeless silhouettes, Indian ethnic wear offers a myriad of possibilities to express your personal style. Whether it’s a dazzling saree, a regal lehenga, or an exquisitely embroidered kurta, embracing ethnic wear allows you to embark on a sartorial journey that is both visually captivating and culturally significant.
Play with Colours: Indian wear is known for its vibrant and rich colours. Experiment with bold and contrasting color combinations to make a statement. For example, pair a bright-colored saree or lehenga with a contrasting blouse or dupatta to create a striking look.
Mix Traditional and Modern Elements: Blend traditional Indian elements with modern fashion trends to create a unique and contemporary style. For instance, team a traditional embroidered kurta with jeans or a fusion saree with a crop top for a modern twist.
Accessorize Wisely: Pay attention to accessories as they can elevate your ethnic outfit. Opt for traditional jewellery like jhumkas (Indian earrings), statement necklaces, bangles, or anklets to add a touch of glamour. Choose accessories that complement your outfit and enhance its overall appeal.
Experiment with Fabrics: Ethnic wear comes in a wide variety of fabrics, each with its own unique texture and drape. Try different fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, or organza to add depth and visual interest to your ensemble. Experimenting with fabrics can bring a fresh perspective to your traditional outfits.
Focus on Blouse Designs: The blouse is an essential component of many ethnic outfits like sarees and lehengas. Instead of sticking to regular blouse designs, try experimenting with unique cuts, necklines, back designs, or sleeve patterns. Intricate detailing, like embroidery or embellishments, can make your blouse stand out.
Layering with Jackets or Capes: Layering can add an interesting dimension to your ethnic attire. Consider pairing your outfit with a beautifully embroidered jacket or a cape to create a stylish and regal look. These layers not only provide warmth but also make a fashion statement.
Statement Dupattas: A dupatta is a long scarf-like fabric that accompanies many traditional Indian outfits. Instead of draping it conventionally, try unique draping styles or make it the focal point of your ensemble. Opt for a statement dupatta with intricate embroidery, embellishments, or bold prints to add drama to your outfit.
Experiment with Pant styles: Explore different bottom wear options to complement your ethnic outfits. Instead of traditional salwars or churidars, try palazzos, dhoti pants, or culottes for a contemporary and fashionable look. These alternatives can bring a fresh and unique twist to your ensemble.
Pay Attention to Footwear: Complete your look with the right footwear. Traditional footwear like juttis, mojaris, or kolhapuris can add an authentic touch to your outfit. Opt for designs that match or contrast with your attire, depending on the look you want to achieve.
Confidence and Grace: Lastly, the most important aspect of glamming up your fashion style with ethnic wear is to wear it with confidence and grace. No matter what you choose to wear, carry yourself with poise, and let your personality shine through. Confidence is the key to making any outfit look stylish and appealing.
(Aaliya Deeba, founder of Ideebs London, a Couture Label)

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