How to match the right jewelry for different necklines

Whether fancy or ordinary, nothing adds more oomph to your look than jewelry. It is the most powerful add-on to an outfit as the right piece can accentuate the overall look thereby reflecting your style spirit.
One has oodles of options for styling and accessorizing ensembles with different necklines. Choosing the right jewelry can sometimes be a lot harder than usual.
Deep V Neckline
It provides the perfect frame for long pendant necklaces; opt for a dainty diamond pendant for a classy and understated look especially for office outfits. Remember to keep it minimal when it comes to the corporate look.
Layering is never out of trend when accessorizing for parties. A layered necklace in gold and delicate dangling earring can add all the glamour you need. It is preferable to wear it with a dark colored outfit to make your jewelry stand out. You can layer pendants in different lengths as they look very discreet and gives a modish look.
One shoulder neckline
Given that a one shoulder dress or top can be a little dramatic, the jewelry paired with it should do this gorgeous asymmetrical style some justice. Go for a pair of bold statement earrings – dangling or oversize studs and skip the necklace entirely. You can also add a statement or cocktail ring to the outfit to add a little drama. The key to accessorizing this style lies in letting the neckline grab all the attention.
Sweet heart neckline
When wearing a sweetheart neckline, remember to create a well-balanced appearance to even out the effect of a wide neckline. A statement necklace with a short chain length that sits closer to the neck is an ideal style for this neckline. A bold chunky necklace in gold or precious gemstones will complement the neck design and enhance the outfit.
Cowl neckline
It is preferred to avoid wearing anything in the neck with a cowl neckline as it is already decorative. However, if you really want to add something, a choker style necklace is perfect for a cowl neckline. Team it up with a pair of oversize diamond studs in floral motifs for a subtle and formal look. You can also opt for chandelier earrings or hoops that would give a contemporary look.

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