How to become fit and healthy for your wedding day

New Delhi, Oct 20 (IANSlife) The wedding season is on and festivities are in full swing. While everyone is looking forward to looking their best, especially the brides-to-be, this is the easiest time to gain calories.
Amidst all the preparation and chaos, it is natural to feel exhausted and ignore the most critical aspect for that quintessential bridal glow – a healthy diet and a proper skincare routine.
Lifestyle and Transformation Coach, Simrun Chopra who runs ‘Nourish with Sim’ breaks it down for you to look your best with nutrition, work-outs and secret tips week-wise for weight loss.
The secret to that glowing skin and fit look before your big day is simple, divide this into 3 big buckets: nutrition, fitness and secret- tips

3 months before your big day

*The earlier you start the easier it is. This gives you enough time to work on your goals without being too stressed of your big day around the corner.


*Ideally meet with a professional who will help formulate a plan based on your goals and time available. If you would like to try on your own, avoid any fad diets or cutting out carbs etc. You have to create a sustainable plan that you can follow for 3 months.
*Create a meal plan for yourself
*Ensure you have a portion of vegetables in each meal
*Eat atleast 2 seasonal fruit a day
*Add a protein to each meal. If you are vegetarian ensure you add lentils, legumes, dairy or soy based foods in each meal to get adequate protein.

Secret Tip

*Adding protein in each meal will help rejuvenate and replenish your skin


*You have a deadline so pick a goal oriented, structured program that works towards that goal. Think of it like learning maths, trying free workouts is like trying to do calculus, trying trignometry without learning the basics of addition or subtraction.
*Goals without a road map are just dreams. If you don’t know where to start, begin with a 30 minute walk daily to kickstart your journey.

2 months before your big day

*Calorie counting can be daunting and highly inaccurate when you are eating Indians meals cooked in batches for a larger number of people. If you have only 2 months to go, do everything mentioned in month 3 and everything here in month 2:


*Continue including fruit, vegetables and proteins.
*This month focus on reducing the amount of processed and refined food.
*Switch out highly processed food with real nutrient dense food.
*This month focus on hydration. Aim to drink atleast 3 litres of water a day.
*For better skin and hair add about 1 tsp mix seed powder and dark leafy greens daily.


*If you are on a structured program, now should be when you increase the intensity as you progress. If you decided to stick to walking as your activity, increase the intensity by picking up the pace and stretching the duration.
*Focus on walking faster and covering more distance in the same amount of time. You can even add in a few intervals of jogging to increase the intensity. Apart from this focus on being active through the day. I recommend downloading a free step counting app and tracking how many steps you do. Across the month try to make this number a little better each day.

Secret Tip

*Make mixed seed powder and store it in refrigerator to get in a quick spoonful daily

A month before D-day

*You will be running between make up trials, shopping, fittings and arrangements. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and ignore self care. However this is the time to buckle down and focus. If you are starting just 4 weeks before your big day, add in the routines for month 3 and 2 now.
*Hydration and a nutrient dense meal is important. Processed foods should be kept to a bare minimum to help you stay fit, healthy, drop weight and give you better skin and hair.
*This month replace all snacks with fresh seasonal fruit. These are easy to carry with you when you are out too. They are a great replacement for your sweet cravings too. Ensure you are getting in at least 40 mins of workout and over 10,000 steps a day.

Week 3 and Week 2 till the day

*Remember you need your energy and you need power packed nutrient dense food to feel energetic and to look and feel good. Eating less is not the solution, eating right is. From now on focus on complex carbohydrates in your meals, the humble millets are a phenomenal place to start. Do not try any new workouts or exercise movements, stick to your structured program or your runs and walks. Ensure you are not getting in atleast 6 to 7 hours of continuous sleep.

Secret tip

*Do not try any new products to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction or break out.

Week 1

*This is your last week, adrenaline is running high and you are excited and a bit overwhelmed Exercise, nutrition, hydration, rest and recovery and crucial now. You will be invited to gatherings, eating on the go but prepration is critical here.

This week focus on

*Increasing your water intake to 3.5 lts till 2 days before the big day
*Have a protein rich breakfast like a chilla, besan omlette or an egg omlette with vegetables.
*Your main meals must be dominated by vegetables and a side of protein with some complex carbohydrates.
*Evening Snack : A portion of fruit is ideal
*Dinner opt for protein with vegetables for this one week. Like grilled chicken on paneer with vegetables.
*Ensure you are getting adequate sleep

Expert tip

*Avoid trying new fancy movements a month before your big day.
*Following a structured goal oriented program is the best option for better results
*Avoid any new supplements, fat burners or quick fixes that might sound promising. These can cause break outs and long term health issues.
*Avoid trying to cosmetics or procedures without consulting a dermatologist.

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