How the situation turned ugly at Red Fort

New Delhi, Jan 26 (IANS) The farmers movement that had been peaceful for the last two months turned violent on Republic Day on Tuesday after the protestors deviated from the designated route for the proposed tractor rally.
After a clash between the farmers and police at ITO where hundreds of protestors were seen chasing police personnel with sticks, ramming their tractors into the buses, they then reached Red Fort.
Hundreds of farmers on their tractors with flags while ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan’ echoed all around central Delhi, ultimately made their way to Red Fort after breaching all the barricades on the way.
The farmers swarmed the Red Fort and waved flags from the ramparts of the fort. They hoisted farmers’ union flags as well as the Nishan Sahib flag. Some Nihangs waved their swords from the dome.
Later Police were seen removing the flag while trying to remove protesters from the monument, resorting to a lathi-charge. The adamant farmers attacked the police personnel. Soon after, hundreds of protestors were seen chasing the cops with sticks, rods which left several police personnel severely injured. The protestors were also seen pelting stones at the police personnel and destroyed public property as well.
The protesters were out of control for some time as they outnumbered the Delhi Police at the fort but later heavy deployment of the CRPF took place and situation was brought under control.
Soon after the unexpected scenes at the Red Fort the ‘Samyukta Kisan Morcha’ issued a statement distancing itself from the ‘violent elements’.
The farmers’ union said, “We condemn and regret the undesirable and unacceptable events that have taken place today and dissociate ourselves from those indulging in such acts.”
The farmers were supposed to remain in the areas adjoining the Delhi borders and not venture towards Central Delhi but they violated all the agreements and guidelines given to them.

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