How MBA graduates ran ammunition racket in grey market of NCR

New Delhi, Feb 18 (IANS) Two MBA graduates joined hands to be part of an ammunition racket to earn quick money. One of the accused, Dipanshu Mishra, did his MBA in marketing and used to work with a software company in Noida, while the other accused, Amit Rao, is a native of Rewari who did his MBA from the Kurukshetra University.
Both were part of a six-member gang pumping cartridges into Delhi-NCR from nearby areas of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh besides other areas of the country. All the six men have been arrested by the special cell of Delhi Police, which recovered a huge cache of 4,500 cartridges from their possession.
The arrested accused have been identified as Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Karnal; Dipanshu Mishra, a resident of Etawah; Ikram, a resident of Panipat; Akram, a resident of Muzaffarnagar; Manoj Kumar from Shaharanpur; and Amit Rao from Rewari.
Mishra’s father had a gun house in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, which was closed after his death in 2015. Mishra used to visit Karnal with his father and there he met Ramesh Kumar. During the lockdown, Mishra was sacked from his job following which he contacted Ramesh Kumar and asked him to supply cartridges illegally to him in order to earn some quick bucks.
Mishra procured the cartridges from Ramesh Kumar for Rs 125 apiece and then supplied them for Rs 200-250 per cartridge to his contacts in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.
“The cartridges supplied by him in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh eventually reached the dreaded criminals of Delhi and its adjoining states. He has been indulging in this illegal trade for more than one year,” said Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, DCP, Special cell.
Rao’s maternal uncle was the owner of Ambala Gun House and after his death, Rao got the licence of the hun house transferred to his name and started managing the business.
He also worked as the administrative head of an institute in Jaipur. For smooth functioning of the gun house, Rao employed Ramesh Kumar as he couldn’t give sufficient time to the business.
Ramesh Kumar told him that they can earn quick money by selling cartridges illegally in the grey market. Rao agreed to the proposal and they started selling cartridges illegally to various persons to earn some quick money.
The special cell of the Delhi Police arrested Ramesh Kumar and Mishra on February 14 from the Mukundpur flyover in Delhi, which later led to the arrest of the other accused persons.

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