How India’s new generation is different

Older generation

– Idealized Gandhi-style poverty, Socialist theory;

Grew up amidst famines;

– Had only one state-run TV channel;

– Mostly technophobic;

– Tended to be avid savers;

– Grew up with stable government led by one party; upper-caste domination;

Favored medicine, engineering, or civil service as careers;

-l Average literacy levels of 30 percent;

– Tastes tended toward tradition: drinking tea, eating at home.


New generation

– Wants to get rich, admires Capitalism;

– Grew up amidst food surpluses

– Can watch 50 TV channels, via cable and satellite telecast;

– Mostly technology-savvy;

– Tend to be guiltless consumers;

– Grew up with constantly shaky coalitions; more voice for lower castes;

– Favor computer-driven and other high-paying career choices;

– Average literacy levels of 52 percent;

– Tastes tend toward modern: Western food and sodas, eating out.

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