How can Nadi astrology make a difference in our lives?

New Delhi, March 12 (IANS)
Predictions in Nadi Astrology are made precise since it deals with Nakshatras and sub lords, which are sub-parts of Nakshatras. Sub-lords are very precise subdivisions which are less than a degree.
Hence a planet’s results are seen in that precise degree which gives very specific and conclusive answers.
Moreover, since Nadi Astrology is a science it has specific formulations of events which are very exhaustive in nature.
In Nadi Astrology planets give results based on their placement in a horoscope. Hence, results of planets are almost destined and not changeable i.e. a person cannot change his destiny altogether.
This also gives us the idea that remedies in Astrology have a very limited role. Remedy might alter the intensity of an event/ time-period but cannot create/delete an event/time-period from a person’s life e.g. if a person has a chronic health problem, he/ she has to go through that period, Any Remedy in the world cannot improve his/her health overnight, however, can just give some relief or psychological strength to fight it out.
Nadi Astrology can further advise a good and bad period of professional lives which on the one hand help people put more effort into a good time to reap rich rewards and on the other hand give them perseverance to pass through tough times. In the same way, the right groom can be chosen for a prospective bride to make their personal lives better. After analyzing a horoscope, it can be advised which disease a person is prone to. This will help people in taking preventive measures for better health.
Experience has shown that in bad times people put money on building projects which get stuck in between and they lose heavy amounts during those periods. People can be advised accordingly to save their hard-earned money. By the knowledge of Nadi Astrology right time of conceiving a child can be known. It will be helpful for people to go for IVF at the right time and at times normal conceiving also becomes possible. Many people in a country want to settle abroad.
The advice can be given to all the people whether they will be able to get a PR or green card from the country where they want to settle and subsequently, they can get citizenship of the countries or not.
Nadi Astrology can help people from all walks of life. It will not only improve people’s lives but also put them on the right path.

(Umang Taneja is an astrologer and the President and founder of JTR Astrological Research Institute)

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