How beasts calling themselves ‘Islamic fighters’ shamed humanity

New Delhi, Feb 25 (IANS) As the fear of reprisal and retaliation from terrorists starts lifting, shocking incidents of rape and outrage of modesty of women by terrorists are coming to light in Jammu and Kashmir.
Shockingly, the hands those fed the terrorists at homes and hideouts have been the main targets of their bestial greed.
Afroza lives in Baramulla district. She was barely 14 when militants entered the family’s home by force.
“We gave them food and they ate whatever we had to offer. They started fondling with me and I had no idea about their intentions in the beginning.
“They raped me repeatedly, and for my life and that of my family, I had no option but to submit to their brutalities.
“They would come daily to abuse and rape me. However, I managed to save my sister from their wolfish eyes as she was a minor then. Life has become a burden for me since then,” Afroza narrated her horrific tale.
Bismah from Kupwara district had an even more shocking experience with the so-called ‘Islamist fighters’.
“They took my husband outside and shot him dead. Minutes after killing him, they entered our home and started brutally raping me.
“My chastity and modesty was violated in every possible way. They just wouldn’t leave my home and kept on repeating physical and mental torture. It was something even the worst beasts would shy away from,” Bismah said.
For Chasfeeda from Uri, the experience was equally shattering.
“They would send my husband away for some work and then gang-rape me many times without end. They would just not leave our house and we could do nothing about it. Telling the truth would endanger the lives of my children and husband,” Chasfeeda said.
Asked whether the ‘Islamic fighters’ would offer prayers during their stay at her home, Chasfeeda said, “That is just to deceive the world. They are beasts wearing long beards and having muscular bodies.”
These are just a few instances where the victims could muster courage to narrate their harrowing experiences.
The weapon wielding beasts must have shown their true nature at other places they went seeking shelter and food.

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