How a 78-year-old contestant impressed Vikas Khanna on ‘MasterChef India’

Mumbai, Jan 4 (IANS) Chef Vikas Khanna was impressed with the taste of the Gujarati patra prepared by a 78-year-old Urmila Asher from Mumbai.
He said: “In our country, food is a festival to be celebrated, that makes bonds stronger, brings friends closer and binds families together.”
He added that the dish speaks of her experience. She replied: “I have come to ‘MasterChef India’ because I had the desire to participate in the show and become MasterChef.”
Later, another contestant, Shubhojeet from Kolkata expressed his desire to be a chef rather than an engineer. He shared: “People say you have done engineering but tease me about my cooking skills.”
To this, Ranveer Brar said: “Tell those people that you have removed ‘engine’ from ‘engineering’ and added ‘cook’. I am a ‘cookgineer’.”
From Assam, Santa Sarmah also shared about turning her necessity into her passion. “I have cooked for 8 years and what was a necessity then has turned into my passion now,” she said.
“Being a Chef is not merely a profession, it’s a passion, it’s a journey, and in this journey the key ingredient is precision,” said chef Garima Arora.
‘MasterChef India’ is judged by chefs Ranveer Brar, Garima Arora, and Vikas Khanna. It airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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