Hollywood director Chuck Russell to direct ‘Junglee’!

New Delhi: Junglee Pictures has associated with Hollywood’s ace filmmaker Chuck Russell for an action-adventure film revolving around a man and an elephant.
The film will feature Vidyut Jammwal as a veterinarian-turned-activist-avenger, the film, titled ‘Junglee’, will be directed by Chuck.
The film is really gonna be a special one as almost half a century after Rajesh Khanna’s ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ in 1971 a film is coming on similar elements.
Chuck Russell had made his debut as a director with the hit film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’, which at the time of its release in 1987 was the highest grossing independent film ever made.
The American writer-director has made several blockbuster films like by the Oscar-nominated Jim Carrey superhero comedy, The Mask, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action-thriller Eraser and The Scorpion King which was Dwayne `The Rock’ Johnson’s first lead role.
Chuck was also the executive producer on the critically acclaimed Michael Mann-directed neo-noir crime thriller ‘Collateral (2004)’.
‘Junglee’ rolls in October and is targeting a summer 2018 release.
Priti Shahani, President of Junglee Pictures, said, “We reached out to Chuck saying that we had a story which is set locally but could appeal to him since it touches on an issue of global significance, with the United Nations lobbying to end poaching and the ivory movement. He read it, came down to India to meet and discuss the structure with Ritesh (Shah) who has written this heart-warming story and us, agreed to direct it and will be flying in next month to start prep”.
Priti also highlighted the fact that Chuck was their go-to person because animals are a part of his narratives, be it the dog in ‘The Mask’ or the camels in ‘The Scorpion King’. Also, surprisingly, for an American director, he loves song and dance which will be an integral part of our commercial entertainer with a message”
The action thriller film unfolds in the Jungles of Kerala and will be shot in the state’s elephant reserve. Vidyut plays the character of Ashwath who is coming home from Mumbai for his mother’s 10th death anniversary and reuniting with his elephant friend.
Priti added, “The stunning location is a part of the storytelling and from the research perspective, the poaching trail in India starts from Kerala, passes through Orissa and Kolkata in West Bengal to head to Thailand.”
She further pointed the fact that what really inspired the story was that in the last 18 months there has been a concerted global movement towards protecting elephants.

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