Health conditions your face reveals

By A Correspondent

The state of your facial features reveals a lot about the condition of your health.

When we were children, our mothers used to find out if we were in some sort of trouble or what we were thinking just by a look at our faces. They claimed they could read our faces and that is true, to some extent — the face serves as a window to your internal health. According to Chinese medicine, what goes inside your body is reflected on your face.

Chinese medicine believes in the five-element network of fire, earth, water, metal and wood. Whatever is happening inside your body — in the stomach, heart, hormones and even the mind or spirit — is reflected on your face. Some face readers and acupuncturists back these studies with some more additions. If we learn to analyze these signs, we will have a better understanding of our body conditions.

Here is a small list of what various facial parts indicate:

The forehead relates to your mind, spirit, heart and the small intestine. It is found to be in correspondence to the “fire” element. Look out for changes like:

– Redness and discoloration of small blood vessels: It suggests some heart problem.

– Paleness of the forehead skin: It suggests emotional extremes, like the loss of a loved one.

– The furrow between the eyebrows: It suggests worry.

– Eyebrows that disappear at the end: This reveals a thyroid dysfunction.

– A bluish-green hue on the forehead: This sign, in combination with other symptoms (such as dizziness, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations) can foretell a heart attack.

Note: The above points are only for reference, they should not be interpreted as medical advice. You should consult your physician for any problem you may be facing.

The nose relates to your stomach, pancreas and spleen. It is found to be in correspondence to the “earth” element. Look out for:

– Puffiness around the nostrils: It denotes congestion of the lungs and too much mucus formation.

– Pimples on the tip or side of the nose: They indicate the intake of spicy foods in recent meals and the occurrence of constipation or diarrhea and indigestion. They also signify too much or too little activity in the stomach and the intestines.

– Redness of the bridge: It reveals that an individual is worried or stressed. It also reflects the possibility of a hangover from too much alcohol consumption and even hypothermia (lowered body temperature).

The chin is associated with the hormonal system, kidneys and the urinary system, including the bladder and the ureter (thick-walled tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder). It corresponds to the “water” element. Watch out for:

– Recurrent pimples or acne on the chin: This can be a sign of hormonal imbalance, prostrate problems and menstrual irregularities.

– Blemishes or dark patches around the chin and mouth: They represent a problem with the bladder or kidneys.

It represents the “metal” element and is related to lungs and the large intestine. Check for:

– Blemishes/discoloration: It represents problems of the large intestine.

– Redness/greenish-blue hue or rash: Suggests inflammation of the respiratory tract or asthma allergy.

– White spots or blotches on either cheek: Could mean a yeast infection and high blood sugar level.

It represents the liver and gall bladder and corresponds to the “wood” element. Beware of:

– Red, bulging veins: They represent anger or sometimes high blood pressure.

– Yellowish coloration or paleness of skin under left eye: It represents gall stones or elevated cholesterol levels, specifically the triglycerides.

Next time you see your face in the mirror, go a little deeper than just observing your looks and measuring the degrees of ageing. It has a lot more to tell you, beyond how great you’re looking! Look for specific signs and interpret the signals your body is sending you.

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