Have A “Hassle-less” Morning With The Wake To Weather Alarm Clock

Do you often find yourself switching on the television set as soon as you wake up just so you would know what the weather forecast is for the day? The hassle it would create to pick up the remote control or stand up and look for the control (if you accidentally left it somewhere else before you sleep), is not a good deal-breaker for an early morning rut.

The answer to this burgeoning need to combine alarm clock and weather announcements? The Wake To Weather Alarm Clock. This bedside device would inform you of the weather the moment you wake up. It received a radio signal with an AccuWeather data for 152 US locations over the same network used by medical pagers and Internet connections. The large, adjustable backlit displays the time, dual alarm settings, current weather conditions icons and the forecast for the next two days, including high and low temperature. You can set the alarm clock and wake up to its default alarm sound or through the radio, which has digital tuning and RDS for station and song info.

It also has a large snooze button and pop-up buttons to show the alarm status. Simply plug it into an AC adapter and put two AA batteries for memory protection and the Wake To Weather Alarm Clock is good to go.

However, with its $179.95 price tag, I’m not too sure whether it’s worth the bucks since most mobile phones can now inform you of the latest weather forecast with just a few flick of the fingers.

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