Hanging hotel in Canada lets people live in domes hanging in the wild

Vancouver: Staying in the middle of a forest right up there between the trees is a fantasy a lot of people across the world can relate to, and may be on the bucket list for many travelers who like to explore and make things adventurous.
This fascinating idea has been brought to reality thanks to Free Spirited Resorts in Canada, as they have wooden rooms suspended from trees in a forested region of Vancouver Island which are straight out of a dream.
The round tree-houses are not only wonderful on the outside, but also have cozy and well crafted interiors that make the experience of hanging between trees even better. The beautiful cabin can house two people and also has a composite toilet and bathroom on ground level.
A stay at the beautiful domes in the middle of nature away from the hectic life in cities costs around Rs 8550 a night.

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