by R. Soumya Shree

Handbags come in all shapes, styles, materials, colors and designs to suit different tastes and body structures.

Most men find it difficult to understand women’s craze for handbags. How can you expect them to? After all “handbag craze” is a special DNA present only in the female species.

Men may look at a handbag as just any other bag but for women it is a prized possession. It is an important accessory which carries their requirements for the day. It is hard for women to step out of their house without a handbag.

“Working women and housewives generally buy leather bags. There are some among them who prefer casual bags. Working women buy bags with lots of compartments to keep things organized. They go for black, brown or tan colors. These bags start from the range of  Rs. 1000 onwards.

College girls prefer large bags like totes that can hold lots of things. They go for single compartment bags with either a pocket inside or outside.

Purple, red and yellow colored bags are fast moving among them. For parties, women buy traditional clutches with zardosi work done. These are priced from Rs. 895 onwards. Batuvas are popular in weddings,” says Syed, the manager of a handbags shop on Commercial Street.

Swathi, a housewife, says she doesn’t go for pure leather bags. “I prefer stylish bags which suit my body structure in the range of  Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000. For daily use I use small bags but for traveling I use large bags. For me bags shouldn’t be too jazzy, they should look decent.”

“I like trendy and evergreen bags. I look for durability. I don’t keep a collection of  bags so I make sure that the  one I buy matches with everything I wear,” says Eshwari, who has completed her second PUC from SBMJC.

Dr. Priyadarshini, a medical officer, is not quite happy with the bag she is using at present. “I bought this satchel bag which has to be carried on forearm. I don’t find it comfortable. I like shoulder bags which come till my waist. Everything right from my comb, soap, cream should come into it. I look for convenience not style.”

Mixed bags
Large bags like totes and duffels are ideal for traveling. They are practical and have space for things like clothes, shoes, cell phone, wallet, comb, keys, etc. They are liked by college students and business women.

Medium-sized satchels are ideal for short distance travel and daily use. Large satchels with short handles should be avoided as they can be quite uncomfortable.

Small bags like clutches are ideal for evenings and other formal occasions. They help you carry only the small essentials like tissues, business cards, money and a lipstick.

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