‘Half CA’ brings to life intricacies, nuances of CA exams

Mumbai, July 20 (IANS) The upcoming young adult drama series ‘Half CA’ is a story of ambition and attempts, focusing on the intricacies and nuances of cracking one of the world’s most difficult professional exams aka Chartered Accountancy.

The makers released a new trailer for the show on Thursday. Viewers can now get a dramatically realistic glimpse into the many hardships faced by students aspiring to become CA, as they undergo all sorts of challenges ranging from their intense studies, lack of time, mental fatigue, emotional trauma and even existential crisis.

The trailer explores the lives of students preparing for competitive exams, highlighting the hardships of CA candidates. The story revolves around Archi who struggles with the fundamental question of “Why do CA?” and enters this difficult world with her ambitious cousin brother Niraj, who has failed Chartered Accountancy finals attempts twice.

The plot also focuses on Tejas, Vishal, and Parth, key characters who are on the path of achieving and fulfiling their aspirations. After passing the nerve-wracking exam and moving on to their next best effort, audiences are left to speculate if they will become CAs or remain caught in the Half CA loop.

The series depicts the experiences of CA aspirants, from the outset to the finals, along with many dilemmas as they prepare for the exams. Presenting a highly compelling and relatable narrative, ‘Half CA’ aims to strike a chord with students across the board appearing not just for CA, but all sorts of competitive and professional exams.

Talking about the show, actor Ahsaas Channa said “’Half CA’ has been an amazing journey for me and my character, Archi, as we dive into extensive preparations for competitive exams. From hustling her way in this unapologetically ambitious world to climbing the ladder of becoming a CA, the highly competitive environment strikes a competitive connection with students who are preparing for competitive exams.”

“Moreover, the series gives a unique perspective into the lives of students as well as the joys and hardships they confront as they navigate adulthood while dealing with family and peer pressure,” she added.

Echoing Ahsaas’ viewpoint, fellow actor Prit Kamani added, “Revolving around the lives of CA aspirants and their challenges, the story is a personal one, since my brother is a CA. Coming from a commerce background, I have seen what a nerve-wracking experience it is to prepare for one of the world’s toughest professional exams.”

He further mentioned, “My character in the show is a homage to my college life, a friendly appearance that brings music and colour. I believe every student will find something that will strike the right chord. In a way we are all students, always. I can’t wait for everyone to watch it.”

Created and produced by TVF, ‘Half CA’ is directed by Pratish Mehta and also stars Gyanendra Tripathi, Anmol Kajani, and Rohan Joshi in quintessential roles. ‘Half CA’ will be available to stream on Amazon miniTV on July 26, 2023.

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