‘Hack Crimes Online’ infuses Bollywood flair with realistic depiction of cybercrimes

Mumbai, Nov 7 (IANS) The new cyber-crime-thriller series ‘Hack Crimes Online’ is definitely an ingenious feature. The newly released trailer of the series sees a great mixture of cinematic flair and charm with a harrowingly realistic depiction of cybercrimes with regards to the ingenuity of cyber criminals.

Much of the depictions of cybercrime in the trailer drive home a scarily dangerous and real narrative of how enterprising and technologically adept minds can wreak havoc all across the board.

In its truest form, cybercrime is more than just phishing or stealing small amounts of money from banks, instead it can extend to misinformation, breaking through servers of entire government departments that can bring a country to its knees. This is the true darkness of cybercrime.

But there is also a level of Bollywood flair that makes this series an adrenaline booster, fuelling the significant thrills with a lot of suspense. As such, the trailer shows the power of cyberspace where both the police and criminals are locked in a cat and mouse game.

Adapted from the acclaimed book of renowned Indian cybercrime investigator Amit Dubey, the series dives into the world of the Internet.

On one hand, it provides such levels of convenience that life without the internet is unimaginable today, on the other hand this level of convenience has also brought about its own potential dangers.

Now unbound by geographical distances, massive heists, money laundering, illegal deals, and privacy breaches can happen from the other side of the ocean.

‘Hack Crimes Online’ as such is centered around a cyber police force, who specialises in cybernetic tracking, entering the digital space to track down criminals who use the net for extortion, blackmail, privacy breach, capturing social data, and more.

A series that revolves more around mind games and tactical warfare rather than full on physical action, ‘Hack Crimes Online’ is focused much more on the strategic and innovative ways in which the cyber-police hunt down their targets.

There is also a slight moral dilemma here as the police themselves are forced to use the tools of their enemy, meaning that to protect the law they have to break it.

Using the aid of the enterprising and technologically brilliant hacker Shakti, a rebellious part-time offender who is assigned to work under ACP Ashutosh Malik in order to help the police crack the complex and ingenious cybercrimes.

Driving home the fact that privacy is a near-illusion these days, the trailer really puts into perspective the simple but completely ignored fact that surveillance is 24/7 on each and everyone, no moment is now private.

Partly based on real-life crime cases, the series also emphasises how hackers have no age limit and use inventive tactics to scam money from an individual and their nefarious methods that give the authorities a run for their money.

Speaking about playing ACP Ashutosh in the crime thriller, actor Vipul Gupta, said: “Because of India’s reliance on the internet, the rate of cybercrime is increasing by the minute. Anyone with internet access can be a victim of this.

“I am delighted to be a part of ‘Hack Crimes Online’, where we are raising awareness about one of the most prevalent kinds of crime in the guise of entertainment”, he added.

Adding her sentiments, actress Riddhi Kumar, who will be seen as the young hacking genius Shakti, said: “’Hack Crimes Online’ is something that I believe is of critical importance for the people of our country. The series draws light on the modern-day cyber-crimes that are taking place. I hope that the audience learns something from each episode, as they are all inspired by true incidents.”

‘Hack Crimes Online’ will drop on Amazon miniTV on November 10.

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