Gujarat RS poll: ‘You are a Rajput’, says Digvijaya Singh to Shankersinh Vaghela

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on August 8 may have violated a Supreme Court order and the Election Commission code of conduct by urging party deserter Shankersinh Vaghela to vote on caste lines in the Rajya Sabha poll in Gujarat.
On Twitter, Digvijaya wrote: “You are a Rajput. Please ensure Ahmed Bhai’s victory.”
In January, the Supreme Court ruled that politicians are barred from seeking votes in the name of religion, caste or creed. The court also ruled that seeking votes in this manner will be considered a corrupt practice and could call for disqualification of the candidate. The court gave a wider meaning to Section 123 of the Representation of People Act to stamp out the use of religion and community affiliation from elections.
According to the Section 123 of the Representation of People Act, an action is to be considered corrupt if a candidate or his agent or any other person, with his consent, appeals for votes on religious grounds.
As per the Election Commission’s code of conduct, “there shall be no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes.”
After polling commenced on August 8, Vaghela cast his vote early, then told the media he didn’t vote for the Congress candidate Ahmed Patel.
Digvijaya’s series of tweets on August 8 were an attempt to persuade Vaghela to vote for Patel instead of the BJP’s Balwantsinh Rajput. Both Vaghela and Rajput quit the Congress last month.

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