Gujarat polls: Campaigning at its peak; candidates threaten, lure voters

Ahmedabad, Nov 28 (IANS) As the campaigning for Gujarat elections reach to its peak, leaders of political parties are either losing temperament or out of jeal to garner votes, are campaigning on communal lines, even some are threatening voters.
BJP’s Dasada constituency candidate P.K. Parmar on Sunday evening, while addressing a meeting of voters, said, “If you vote for the Congress, then don’t expect that the BJP’s elected representative will do development work in your village, we are not running religious band, we are running political parties, and in modern times, the momement EVM machines are opened, we get know who has voted for whom.”
Another BJP leader Manoj Patel, while campaigning for the party candidate from Patan Rajul Desai, said, “If you want to build temple, vote for the BJP candidate and if you want to build mosque, (then) vote for the Congress.”
In desperation to woo votes, BJP’s Danta constituency candidate Ladhubhai Parghi promised, “If you vote me as MLA, I will ensure that you will be allowed to do liquor business freely.”
Congress party’s Savarkundla candidate Pratap Dudhat threatened the police for “showing partiality and harassing” Congress workers and leaders. He said, “If you (the police) keep harassing Congress workers, (remember) December 1 (voting day) is yours and December 2 is ours, then don’t complain.”

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