Gujarat: Gold bars, Rs. 1.29 crore in Rs. 2000 notes found at Sadhvi’s home

Banaskantha (Gujarat): A Sadhvi from Gujarat has been arrested for an unpaid bill of Rs 5 crore, for gold biscuits which she bought last November.According to a report in NDTV, Sadhvi Jai Shree Giri, who heads a trust that runs a temple in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, was arrested on Thursday after 24 gold bars worth about 80 lakhs, and 1.29 crores in cash – mostly in Rs 2000 notes – were found at her home.

Alcohol bottles were also found, which is significant considering that Gujarat is a dry state.

“We have lodged a case against three persons. So far, we have arrested the main accused which is the Sadhvi,” said police official Neeraj Badguljar was quoted as saying.

The matter came to light when a local jeweller complained earlier this week to the police that she had ignored several reminders to pay him the Rs 5 crore that she owed.

The Sadhvi however is not new to controversy. In December last year, she made headlines of the wrong sort when she was filmed throwing 2000-rupee bills worth Rs 1 crore at singers at a public event, just a month after demonetization.

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