Gujarat elections: Morals and values of Gujarat not in sync with Congress, says PM Modi

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 4 slammed the Congress for promising to provide quota to Patidars above the 50 per cent cap and singled out Kapil Sibal, who had proposed a quota formula to Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti Modi, saying that the Congress usually drafts in the “able lawyer whenever it wanted to spread falsehood”.
“There is an advocate in the Congress party called Kapil Sibal. Whenever the Congress has to spread falsehood they field him to do it. He is always handling all the indefensible and wrong matters… Before 2007 elections, this Sibal had come to Viramgam and said that Modi will be in jail in few days. From 2007 to 2014 they were running the government, could they arrest me? You knew that Modi was growing at that time and was a danger to you but you could not arrest me. They might have wished to do it, but am I not standing in front of you?” Modi said at a rally in Bhavnagar.
Modi said: “You (Congress) are trying to fool people by saying that you will give this and you will give that… They want to lure people by making false promises.”
In a bid to woo Patidars and Kshatriyas, Modi highlighted the unity of the two communities several times in his speech and invoked Sardar Patel and Krishna Kumarsinh Bhavsinh, the last maharaja of Gohil dynasty who ruled erstwhile Bhavnagar state. In Junagadh, Modi repeated his charge that Congress does not like Sardar Patel and blocks anything with which the name of the leader is associated.
In Jamnagar, Modi said, “The morals, character and values of public life in the state of Gujarat are not in sync with the Congress party. And so Gujarat can never accept the Congress party.”

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