Guest bedroom from Vastu aspect

People wonder, why is Vastu Shastra so big on the importance of where the guest should sleep or stay in the house? Vastu Shastra is the science which is mainly for the energy flow and rearranging stuff at our home or business to bring Happiness and Prosperity. Guests have an important influence on us so we need to make sure when they visit us, they should be taken care properly. We hear that saying in Sanskrit, “Aa Tithi Devo Bhava” which means “the guest is the god” in the English language. Despite that, in Sanskrit it has intense meaning where it states “a Person that walks into your home without prior notice or information is called an “Atithi”/Guest”. So let’s explore what Vastu Shastra has to say about the Guest bedroom.

The guest room is one of the important rooms in our home as it reflects the overall personality and welcoming nature towards the guest. The guest can be a family member, friend, business colleague or any known person whom you can invite home and spend time with them. While designing your home, we can accommodate the guest on the first floor or any other floor in your home except your basement. It is a suitable accommodation if absolutely needed, but is not recommended. So, friends and other family members can stay in the basement. Always, respectable family members like the Father, Mother or the elderly should be given priority.

When planning for a Guest bedroom, keep in mind that there is a specific corner room that should be used for a guest room. Mainly, a North-West corner guest room is considered to be very good. Since it falls into the “Air Corner,” it keeps moving guests and invites new ones. Always look out for rooms in the North or North-West side room and make this the guest room. Guest rooms should be painted with light colors and elegant decorations so that the guest feels welcome. The same rules as we go to hotel room and how we expect everything should be perfect. Similarly, when a guest visits you; they expect the same thing from you.

A large reason to have a guest room in a specific direction is that, the guest should spend time with us as a guest, only just like a permanent family member that lives in that home. Sometimes we can see the guest room not being in the right direction and that could lead to guests acting as if they are the owner of the house. So these things make us think that there is something wrong in the home as the owner of the home. “why can’t I stay home and spend more time with my family instead of travelling all the time out for work or social reason” may be a question you ask yourself. So, nothing is wrong in trying to rearrange the guest room and see how it impacts your social life.

Vastu Shastra also says that each home should have a guest room, because if you do not create space for the guest, they will not come. So, we should understand this right that in accordance with Vastu Shastra, each person who lives in the home or visits the home has the role of generating positive vibes and creating harmony among the occupants of the home. So, there is respect for each other’s dignity and privacy to live better in our society. Never forget that the Guest is the God and its true, because if you see in our Hindu mythology, God used to visit our homes as a guest and that’s why its so significant that in the form of a guest, god will visit us.

Kalpesh Joshi.
Principal Vastu Consultant
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