Grandfather in UP teaches ‘A’ for alcohol, ‘B’ for beedi

Aligarh, July 11 (IANS) A grandfather is teaching a new set of alphabets to his grandchildren in which A stands for alcohol and B for beedi. A video of an elderly man making two minors consume alcohol has surfaced on social media.
The incident is said to have taken place in Bahadurpur under the Atrauli police station. The elderly man, who is said to be the grandfather of the two minors, can be seen sitting on a cot, teaching the two minors how to consume alcohol and smoke beedis.
The police have claimed that they will take stringent action against the elderly man and the other youth who were present during the incident.
Among the spectators was a contractual teacher, known as ‘shiksha mitra’.
In the video, the grandfather can be seen asking the two minors to hold disposable glasses as he pours liquor in them.
Also seated on the cot is another man who is seen watching the grandfather pour alcohol in the glasses.
The elderly man then adds water to the glasses and asks the minors to drink. The man who was filming the video can be heard saying that he wanted the glasses to be emptied within a minute. A youth can also be seen pouring beer in the glasses.
Claiming that it was a juice that the children were drinking, the man filming the video then asks the minors to finish the beverage.
The grandfather then lights a beedi and shows how to smoke it. He then hands over the beedi to one of the minors and asks him to hold it with just one hand.
After the minor takes a puff, the elderly man asks him to pass on the beedi to the other minor. After a round of puffs, the man takes the beedi and asks the minors to exhale the smoke.
The intoxicated children can be seen cupping their hands for snacks that their grandfather ‘lovingly’ offers to them. The man then asks the children to hold the bottle in one hand and the glass in another, as he places the snacks in the middle.
Senior Superintendent of Police (Aligarh) Manilal Patidar said that the police have taken cognizance of the video and an investigation is underway.
The SSP added that they will register a case against the accused after conducting a preliminary investigation.

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