Govt will be forced to take back farm laws, says Rahul

New Delhi/Madurai, Jan 14 (IANS) Keeping up his attack on the Modi government over the farm laws, Congress’ former President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that it will be forced to take them back.
Addressing media after witnessing Jallikattu (bull-taming) in Madurai, he said: “Mark my words… the government will be forced to take the farm laws back. I am very proud of what the farmers are doing and I fully support farmers and continue to stand with them.”
He claimed that the government is not just “suppressing” the farmers but “conspiring to destroy” them.
“The government is not just neglecting them (farmers), the government is conspiring to destroy them. There is a difference. Neglecting is ignoring. They are not ignoring them… just trying to destroy them because they want to benefit two or three of their friends,” he said.
Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly, Gandhi asked:” Are you the Prime Minister for the whole country or for two or three businessmen?”
“When corona came, then they did not help the common man… when the Chinese are sitting on our land, what is the Prime Minister doing,” he asked.
The Congress has planned to protest in support of the farmers on January 15 and decided to march to Raj Bhavans in various states.
Meanwhile, the farmers’ ongoing protest at Delhi’s borders continued, amid the severe cold and dense fog, while they asserted that their stir against the new agriculture laws will intensify in the coming days.

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