Got any black money back from Switzerland in your plane, Rahul asks Modi

New Delhi: In yet another swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday reminded him of his promise to bring back black money stashed abroad and asked if he had brought some of it on his plane while returning from the WEF meet in Switzerland.
Taking to twitter, Gandhi had on Tuesday also attacked the prime minister, who addressed the annual summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, saying he should tell people there why one percent of India’s population has 73 percent of its wealth. “Dear PM, Welcome back from SWITZERLAND. Quick reminder about your promise on BLACK MONEY. Youth in India were wondering if you got any back with you in your plane?,” the Congress chief tweeted on Wednesday.
In the tweet addressed to the Prime Minister ahead of his speech at WEF, Gandhi tagged a news report quoting an Oxfam survey that the richest 1 percent cornered 73 percent of wealth generated in India in 2017.
“Dear PM, Welcome to Switzerland! Please tell DAVOS why 1 percent of India’s population gets 73 percent of its wealth? I’m attaching a report for your ready reference,” he had tweeted.
Gandhi has been critical of the Prime Minister for his foreign visits and has accused him of failing to deliver on his poll promises. The Congress chief has alleged that the government was working only to benefit the rich.

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