Google offers Rs 1.44 crore job to class 12 student from Chandigarh

Chandigarh: While it’s all about preparing for exams and figuring out which college to go to for most class 12 students, another Sharmaji ka beta from Chandigarh is living a dream as his career seems set for a flying start even before he cleared 12th board examinations.
Harshit Sharma from Chandigarh has been offered a job at Google and the student of the Government Model Senior Secondary School will be raking in Rs 1.44 crore per annum. The achievement comes from a knack for innovating things and a keen interest in designing from a very young age.
Harshit aimed high from the age of 10 when he dreamt of working for Google some day and he worked hard to realise it which included secretly training under his uncle’s guidance. Sharma will be working at the graphic designing department in one of the world’s biggest firms.
He will be serving a training period at Google for a year when he will be paid Rs 4 lakh a month and post training period he will start getting Rs 12 lakh. Harshit told a leading English daily that it’s a dream come true and described himself as an ‘average student’.

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