Good terrorism and bad terrorism don’t go together: Amit Shah

New Delhi, Oct 21 (IANS) Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the concluding session of the Interpols 90th General Assembly at the Pragati Maidan on Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, Shah indirectly took many digs at Pakistan, stating that “good” terrorism or “bad” terrorism, or “small” terrorist attack or “big” terrorist attack — these two narratives cannot go hand in hand.
Stating that terrorism is a global problem, Shah said the first goal that Interpol has set for 2020-25 is to tackle the menace of terrorism.
He added that terrorism is the biggest violation of human rights, and Interpol is the best platform for the coordination of all the countries, which is very important for the fight against cross-border terrorism.
The Home Minister added that all countries have to agree on the definitions of terrorist and terrorism, without which global terrorism cannot be tackled.
It is also necessary to build consensus on the challenge of ideology of terrorism being spread from across the border, especially by online radicalisation, which cannot be considered as a political problem.
Shah also suggested that Interpol should introduce a permanent mechanism to establish a real-time information exchange line between counter-terrorism and anti-narcotics agencies of all the member countries.
Interpol should also prepare a future plan for the next 50 years on the basis of its experiences and achievements of the last 100 years, Shah suggested.
He added that India is committed to cooperate with Interpol in setting up a dedicated centre or convention and communication network for counter-terrorism and anti-narcotics agencies around the world.
The nation stands ready to cooperate with Interpol to combat terrorism in all its forms — narco terror, radicalisation, organised syndicate and money laundering.

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