Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast, Australia: The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, largest sporting event the world has seen this decade and the biggest sporting spectacular the Gold Coast has ever seen.
From 4-15 April 2018, over 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 nations and territories converged on the Gold Coast to deliver 11 unforgettable days of world class sporting competition.
Team England sent a team of over 400 athletes in what would be England’s largest ever team to represent the nation in an overseas sporting event.
Medal counts in the Commonwealth Games tend to be heavily slanted towards the largest, industrialized nations such as England, Australia and Canada, making the games somewhat one-sided. Australia has dominated recently, finishing in the top position for the previous six Commonwealth Games.
The limited success of the smaller nations are a source of national pride, and give them a feeling of being part of the greater Commonwealth group. Host nations get a medal boost too, highlighted by the success of India.

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