Given a chance, only 6% Indians would want to leave India

New Delhi, July 6 (IANS) Indians carry their Blue Passport with pride. In a survey conducted across India, as part of developing a Happiness Index for Indians, the pride of Indian passport has reflected vividly with almost 94 per cent of Indians not wishing to move out even if given an opportunity to do so.
Of all those who participated in the survey, 84.3 per cent showed no interested in leaving India while 0.3 per cent responded with “depends” and 9.3 per cent of the respondents were not sure of their answer. Only 6.1 per cent of all the respondents said that if given an opportunity, they would leave India.
Surprisingly, only 6.2 per cent of freshers (below 25 years) and 4.2 per cent of young (25-45 years) respondents said they are willing to leave India given the opportunity while 9.7 per cent of old (60 years and above) people responded with the willingness to leave the country if given an opportunity.
Among different income groups, people with higher income showed less willingness to leave India with only 3.3 per cent responding positively while 8.9 per cent of the people in lower income group showed willingness to leave the country.
The urban-rural divide was stark with only 0.7 per cent people showing willingness to leave the country. On the contrary, 8.4 per cent urban people surveyed showed willingness to leave the country if given an opportunity. The figures were 3.5 per cent for semi-urban people.
In the survey, people from south were more willing to shift abroad with 13.6 per cent responding affirmatively while 4.1 per cent people in east, 4.0 per cent in north and 3.7 per cent people in west showed willingness to leave India given the opportunity.
Analysed on religious basis, only 9.7 per cent Muslims showed willingness to leave the leave the country while over 43.5 per cent Christian showed interested in leaving the country if provided with opportunity.
The survey was conducted by CVoter in association with Delhi based NGO Gender Mainstreaming Research Association (GMRA) as part of their ongoing effort to develop a comprehensive Happiness Index for India.

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