Give AAP 5 yrs, Kejriwal appeals to people of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, Feb 26 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal, on Friday asked the people of Gujarat to give the AAP party a chance to form the local bodies in the upcoming polls on Sunday for Tehsil, district and municipality elections in Gujarat.
He said that in 5 years rule of AAP, the people will forget the 25 years of the BJP rule in Gujarat. Kejriwal was addressing a public rally in Surat, which was held after forming the opposition party in the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) in the recent elections held on the 21st.
AAP on Friday held the Kejriwal roadshow in Patel-dominant areas of Surat, where the streets were thronging with thousands of supporters. The roadshow received an overwhelming response from the public as well.
“The people of Gujarat were not stingy in showering their love on the BJP for 25 years, but what did they get? Even after 25 years, the farmers of Gujarat have to remain awake in the middle of the night to avail power in their farms. Even after 25 years, why are the farmers of Gujarat committing suicide? Why is the situation is so bad in government schools even after all these years? Why has the situation deteriorated in government health care facilities?” asked Kejriwal, while addressing the public.
“There was 10 hour power cut, when we came to power in Delhi. Now after 5 years, they have got 24 hours power. People get free power in Delhi, which is the eighth wonder of the world,” said Kejriwal.
“If Kejriwal can do it in just five years, why can’t the BJP do that in 25 years?” asked Kejriwal. In a style similar to that of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he asked the people of Gujarat, “Do you want free electricity?” The people roared YES.
“The schools were in a dilapidated condition, when we came to power in Delhi. Today our government schools are doing better than the private schools. We gave jobs to more than 10 lakh youth in 5 years. I ask how much employment has the BJP government provided in Gujarat?” asked Kejriwal.
Kejriwal asked the people of Gujarat to vote for the Aam Aadami Party. “Just give us 5 years in Gujarat and I assure you, you will forget the 25 years of BJP rule in the state. The day after tomorrow is the election for the rural local bodies as well as municipalities. Just as the Surat people have voted for the AAP, I ask the rural voters to please click the button of the broom (jhadu),” Kejriwal requested.
Earlier in the day, Kejriwal told the newly elected representatives to be very careful of the BJP who will try to bribe them. “The BJP will try to bribe you, threaten you. Whatever they do, wherever you are, when you receive their call just do one thing. Inform it to your state president Gopal Italiya. Then we will tell you what to do,” he advised.
“The BJP and the Congress are rattled. They do not fear you,” he told the 27 recently elected corporators. “Nor do they fear the AAP Party, but they are dreaded by the 16 lakh people who voted you, who put their trust in you,” Kejriwal added.
Advising the recently elected corporators he continued, “The people of Gujarat are looking towards not only the 27 of you who won, but also who lost from the AAP Party. Please don’t lose the public trust they have put in you. Reaffirm their faith through your work. The 6 crore people of Gujarat will be keeping an eye on you,” Kejriwal said.
“Keep yourself available for the public 24 by 7. Don’t get arrogant or become proud, which is a natural human trait. If there is one thing that the public cannot tolerate, is an insult. Whoever comes to your doorstep, whether it be your office or home, welcome him or her, respect them. Even if someone knocks your door at two in the middle of the night, open your doors for him or her,” added Kejriwal.
“It will be on the basis of the 27 of you that we will be reaching out to the 6 crore people of Gujarat in the coming days,” Kejriwal told the new corporators.

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