Girl sweats blood from eyes, nose and skin every time she has a headache

Bangkok: Rare conditions affecting children may leave them with extra limbs and strange skin conditions, as they often face stigma and even misconceptions coming from superstitions. But some children may not develop deformities in appearance, but disorders can leave them in pain and suffering.
A girl in Thailand is going through such an ordeal where a condition that affects one in 10 million people has left her sweating blood from her eyes, ears, nose and even skin. Seven-year-old Phakamad Sangchai started bleeding every time she has a headache six months back, and continues to suffer even after treatment at a local hospital.
It is thought that Phakamad has hematohidrosis, as the girl says she just wants treatment for her mystery illness which is ruining her life and may get worse. Her mother is desperate for a treatment as doctors are still not sure about her condition and haven’t come up with a diagnosis.
The family described Phakamad as a brave child who is always cheerful, and are hoping that doctors come up with a treatment for her pain soon.

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