Getting nosy with Stars

Shruti Haasan
The latest entrant in the league of nose makeovers is the upcoming star Shruti Haasan, who recently admitted to the cosmetic surgery. But before you commend her for being frank about it, remember according to her it was done purely for health reasons. Doctors, please don’t prescribe nose-jobs for anyone else — they can’t afford it.

The talented and multifaceted Sridevi was one of first few Indian stars to have had her nose reshaped — made sharper to be precise. But these days, we reckon she’s busy watching over her painting canvas that she has forgotten to notice that her nose looks out of proportion with her face, which isn’t growing with her age.

Shilpa Shetty
After her debut film, 16 years ago, Shilpa Shetty (reportedly) felt the need to get her nose reshaped – and there came the remarkable transformation of this traditional Mangalore girl to glam girl.

Priyanka Chopra
The gorgeous Priyanka Chopra too seems to have had her spent heavily on her nose. And it hasn’t been revealed by the actor herself but by her cosmetic surgeon. We sure would like to hear it from the glamour girl herself, wouldn’t we?

Koena Mitra

There’s a good chance that you might miss out on Koena Mitra’s nose-job, thanks to her going under the knife several times for various makeovers. However, she isn’t quite thankful, as she talks about how her nose correction surgery went horribly wrong and that she regrets it now.

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