Get your jeans right!

With so many jeans in the market, it’s essential to do your assignment and get the right pair for your body type. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting designer jeans or not, the key to fabulosity is knowing your fit and strutting it right!

In the old days, blue jeans came in one style. But modern blue jeans are more than just the standard denim pant. There are so many options — color, rise, cut – that you might have to try on ten, twenty or thirty pairs before finding one that works for your body shape.

However, you can short-cut the process a bit by knowing which jeans are likely to look best on your body. Here’s a simple guide:

1. Check your body type
If you’re thin or medium sized, opt for skinny jeans as these will instantly give you a taller appearance. However, if you want to look curvy, then try out low-rise jeans in a cotton and lycra blend. Even extra pockets and embellishments will help you add bulk to your frame.

2. Mind the color
Stick to dark colors if you want your thighs to appear smaller. They slim down your whole body and make your legs look thinner. Stay away from gaudy and over-worked jeans.

3. Look for comfort
Comfort is very important as jeans are usually worn for long hours. When you try on a pair, you should be able to comfortably slide the hand between your tummy and the jean. Also, try sitting down and make sure the jeans don’t cut into your midsection.

4. Flat tummy
If you want to flatten your tummy, then try medium to high rise jeans in dark color. Choose jeans that are not too tight and do not grab too much from the waist side.

5. Hip issues
Those who want to minimize wide hips should go for flare or boot cut jeans. If you’re slim and have small hips, then skinny or even straight cut jeans can go well with your body type.

6. For short legs
If you have short legs, then try out straight leg jeans as they will add inches to the upper portion of your legs and waist. Avoid wearing tapered and flared jeans.

7. Short torso
If you have a short torso, check out the low waist jeans. This will help in elongating the torso and make you appear lean.

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