Get summer-fit in 4 weeks!


Do you want to be fit this summer? Simply follow this four-week exercise and food plan and watch your body get firm this summer.
Eat smart
Healthy eating does not mean dieting to the point of starvation nor does it mean eating fewer burgers and chips. The ideal way to go on a healthy diet is adding some extra fruit and fruit juices to your diet to begin with. Also, keeping a water bottle handy will help. Sometimes you tend to eat even when you may not be hungry – water will help curb the fake munchies.
Trick yourself into losing
By making a few easy low-fat or low-cal substitutions, you can get rid of some weight without really trying hard. Swap vinegar for fatty salad dressings, low cal baked foods for fried stuff, low fat yogurt for sour cream, and cottage cheese for cheese. And the only thing you’ll be missing is a few pounds.
The four-week food plan
This plan allows you to gradually introduce changes. You don’t have to starve yourself — make changes slowly, so that you don’t start anything that is too drastic. In this plan, the changes that you have made in week one will continue in week two, plus you will add on new changes; in week three, changes you have made in week one and two, remain, plus you add new changes… and so on.
Week 1: Add three fruits of your choice to your day. Munch on fruits instead of junk. Fruits like apples and oranges are easy to carry and convenient to eat.
Week 2: Instead of colas or calorie-laden drinks, have coconut water, water or green tea. Substitute fried foods with low fat options. For example instead of chips you can have popcorn (fat-free) or a fruit.
Week 3: Start with a large bowl of salad or soup (fat-free), before any one meal.
Week 4: Switch to healthier options whenever possible. Instead of refined products like white bread, polished rice; have whole wheat bread, and unpolished rice.
Brown bag lunches are great, and very convenient. You can make yourself a tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese and basil sandwich in whole wheat bread. Or simply roll up veggies or some chicken salad in a chapatti. As for dessert, you can enjoy a fruit.

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