Get paid Rs 11.2 Lakh for only ‘sleeping in bed’

London: If you want to earn a whopping Rs 11.2 Lakhs with almost no need for doing any form of work, then you could be in luck. A space research centre is offering a job to that only needs you to sleep in bed.
Researchers at France’s Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology are looking for volunteers who can spend three months sleeping in bed while they can study the effects of microgravity. The job offers a good amount of money, to the tune of 16,000 euros (approx Rs 11.2 Lakhs).
The Telegraph UK reported that the researchers need to study the human body while reproducing the weightlessness of the International Space Station.
The job seekers will have to spend three months on the study, which will have three phases. The first two weeks will have a series of examinations and measurements and after that, the next 60 days will proceed with the volunteers just bedridden. The last two weeks will then be spent in rehabilitation and physical recovery. This is being done to study the effects of prolonged bed rest.
However, the job may seem simple, but there are tough parts and stringent rules.
The major rule is that the volunteer has to remain completely bed ridden with the head tilted downwards by around six degrees. The volunteer should also keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed. Participants would have to spend 60 days eating, sleeping, washing, and almost every daily routine, while staying permanently lying down. Lastly, rules for entry are as follows. Job seekers should be male, non smokers, aged between 20 and 45, must have perfect health, should regularly practice sports, have absolutely no allergies and must have a BMI between 22 and 27.

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