Get fit with Bollywood jhatkas

If your love handles and flabs are making you go crazy, and the innumerable sessions at nearby gym are exerting you even more, then rather than lifting those heavy weights, simply dance to the tunes of Bollywood songs. Yes! The latkas and jhataks on screen that have been making you swoon all the time should now be put to use off screen. Get yourself grooving to the music, and burn those extra calories to get into shape. Well, the dance moves can make you shed the same amount of weight that the grueling sessions at the gym would do. But, why exert yourself when you can do the same by dancing to the Bollywood tunes. Compile a CD: Well, just make a CD of your favorite songs, which just pump up your spirit and mood. And, then just put up your dancing shoes and dance to glory. Nothing can help your body in getting shape better than those dance moves. Just move your body to tunes. And, thumping those feet will not just help you relax your senses, but also help you shed you those extra kilos of weight. Comfortable indoor environment: What better way to burn a few calories without having to take the pains of enrolling yourself in a gym and then going all berserk over gym shopping. So, get that worry out of your system. And, just hit the floor inside your home without having to worry too much about your looks. Indulge in some stretching and then just shake some booty to help get in shape. Get your family and friends to match the steps: If dancing alone is not giving you enough high, then call in your friends and family members to join you in the same. Make them shake some booty and make the most of the time. You can have fun dancing together and helping each other in becoming fit with some aerobics as well. So, just pump up the volume and dance like no one is watching.

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