Gen Z Democrats say Trump swamping Biden in digital ads: Poll

Washington, July 31 (IANS) Nearly half of the youngest or “Gen Z” Democratic voters said that they have seen digital advertising from US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, but only one in five came across digital ads from former Vice President Joe Biden or the Democratic Party, according to a new poll.
Commissioned by the Alliance for Youth Action and conducted by data analytics company Civiqs, the poll on Thursday revealed found that 47 per cent of the voters between the age group of 18-39, saw ads from the Republican Party or the President’s campaign on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, reports Politico news.
However, only 21 per cent of them came across digital ads from Biden or the Democratic Party.
Forty per cent of all young voters surveyed reported seeing no form of Democratic campaign contact, the poll revealed.
If the election were held today, the poll found that nearly 90 per cent of young Democrats would pick Biden.
While those surveyed almost unanimously dislike President Trump, 27 per cent also rated Biden somewhat or very unfavourably.
That number jumped to 31 per cent for Black younger millennial and Gen Z Democrats or Democratic-leaners, according to the poll.
“This is not a general youth poll. These are voters that Vice President Biden should be chasing,” Politico news quoted Sarah Audelo, the executive director of the Alliance for Youth Action, a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing youth turnout and political engagement, as saying on Thursday.
With the pandemic eliminating most meaningful in-person contact, Audelo stressed the need for campaigns to be targeting Gen Z and Millennial voters with digital outreach to ensure turnout.
The poll surveyed 1,241 young Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents between July 18-20 in the swing-states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

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