Gehlot govt to issue cards for non-resident Rajasthanis

Jaipur, Nov 17 (IANS)
Non-resident Rajasthanis (NRR) could soon get NRR cards that would serve as a unique identity document for them and provide some special privileges.
The proposal to issue NRR cards is part of the NRR policy, released recently by Rajasthan Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, a separate policy especially for the Rajasthani diaspora.
“Our new NRR Policy proposes to engage NRRs in the economic, social and cultural development of the State and work out plans to forge beneficial relationship with them,” State Industries Minister Shakuntala Rawat said.
The policy has been formulated on the ‘five-C concept’ of Connect, Culture, Community, Care and Contribution.
It aims to connect with a wider base of NRRs across geographies and segments, bringing over 1,00,000 NRRs under the umbrella of Rajasthan Foundation in next five years.
The policy also aims to create social and economic impact with increased involvement of NRRs through their knowledge, capital and skills in areas such as tourism, investment, trade, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, among others, catalysing over Rs 1,000 crore in next five years.
Dhiraj Shrivastava, Commissioner, Rajasthan Foundation, said: “The purpose of the NRR policy is to establish a framework for institutionalising engagement of Rajasthani Diaspora, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to create an enabling environment and platform for effective participation of NRRs in socio-economic development of the state and also cater to needs of NRRs for their welfare, growth and empowerment.
“The policy shall also strengthen link of NRRs to homeland and sustain the expression of ‘Rajasthaniyat’, the Rajasthani identity through generations.”
There are slew of initiatives planned for NRRs under the policy.
‘Mhari Dani’ will be the flagship scheme of the government in which the NRRs will be able to voluntarily contribute to basic development works in their towns and villages.
The State government will also identify and felicitate outstanding NRRs every year in an annual event organised for the pravasis. The other plans include: bringing all the organisations and associations of Rajasthanis en bloc on a platform to build bonds with the community, Jaane Apna Rajasthan program, Ambassador Program, among others.
A special programme of Pravasis Mitras is being launched in which NRRs would be appointed in various countries, throughout the world. These Mitras, representing their respective country, where they are settled, will provide strategic mentoring and guidance to people of their land who want to move abroad for study, work or travel. Such overseas linkages can help young people find their feet in foreign lands as they look forward to building a new future abroad.
“A young adult in a small town like Baran or Sikar can reach out to our network of Pravasi Mitras and enquire about education or employment opportunities abroad. Also those who are already there, can reach out to Mitras for any help. We are ensuring welfare of people of Rajasthan, by integrating NRRs with the State.”
The policy envisages setting up a Pravasi Rajasthani Kendra in Jaipur while NRR cells will be formed in the districts. There is also a proposal for Rajasthani Pravasi Bhawans in select cities of the country and abroad.
Various schemes/programmes/guidelines related to each of the initiatives shall be notified/rolled soon as part of implementation of the policy.
Rajasthanis, represent their state all over the country and the world and are known for their high skills and their contributions to the places where they reside.
Rajasthan Foundation was set up by the State government in 2001 and has been playing a vital role in strengthening linkages with the Rajastnai diaspora and several associations spread across the country and abroad and promoting their engagement with their homeland.

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