G7: Macron tasked with leading Iran n-deal talks

Biarritz (France), Aug 25 (IANS) As the G7 Summit officially began on Sunday with all leaders at a round table discussion, it was revealed that French President Emmanuel Macron has been tasked with leading talks with Iran over its nuclear deal.
The heads of state and government of France, Italy, Germany, the UK, US, Canada, Japan and European Union (EU) representatives launched the Summit with an aerial shot of their meeting and a tweet, “It’s time to take action”, Efe news reported.
Macron has been tasked with holding talks and sending a message to Iran.
The goal of these discussions will be to “avoid at all costs Iran withdrawing from the nuclear arms deal and to de-escalate tensions in the region”, according to French diplomatic sources.
The decisions to have France lead these talks came as a result of several previous discussion headed by the Elysee Palace with the US and Iran, the same source added.
The French President had a business lunch with his American counterpart Donald Trump on Saturday in a bid to reduce tensions with Tehran and French government sources said they were convinced the US “does not want a war but an agreement” with Iran.
The sources added that there was a “convergence” between the two states and that “possible measures exist in exchange for demanding conditions from Iranians.”
Meawnhile, Trump on Sunday criticized the US media for reporting about divisions and complicated ties between the countries participating in the ongoing G7 summit, apart from talking about the economic slowdown and the risk of recession.
“The worse the better, anything to make my election more difficult to win,” the US president tweeted.
“Well, we are having very good meetings, the leaders are getting along very well, and our country, economically, is doing great,” he added.

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