Funny memes, jokes on #NewTrafficRules flood Twitter

New Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) After the new Motor Vehicles Act came into force from September 1, social media platforms such as Twitter are flooded with hilarious memes, jokes and reactions on the new traffic rules.
#NewTrafficRules is now trending on Twitter.
The netizens have been coming up with reactions after the amended MV Act that imposes heavy penalties for traffic violations across India.
A person on Twitter with the username@imsandysinha, “People are enjoying the #NewTrafficRules, Salary 8k ki or #traffic chalan 15k ka.”
“Four wheelers : seatbelt compulsory, two wheelers : helmet compulsory, Auto-rickshaw : three wheeler : so no seatbelt and no helmet. At least make them use the indicator #NewTrafficRules,” another tweet read.
Another person with a username @imComputerGeek, uploaded a photo of a man driving a van wearing a helmet with the caption, “When you can’t afford breaking #NewTrafficRules because of #TrafficFine.”
“Based on new traffic rules, here comes a new threat from wives: saree dila rahe ho ya seat belt hata dun??,” another user tweeted.
An auto-rickshaw driver in Bhubaneswar was, on Wednesday, fined a whopping Rs 47,500 for violating a slew of traffic rules under the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019.
In a similar case, a Delhi man was fined Rs 23,000 on Tuesday for riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet and also for not carrying the relevant documents.

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