Fulfill promises to better lives of Kashmiris: Trump to Modi

New York, Sep 25 (IANS) Even as he backed India’s position on Pakistan-sponsored terror, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday “encouraged” Prime Minister Narendra Modi to improve relations with Islamabad and also “fulfill his promises” to better the lives of the Kashmiri people.
According to a readout of the bilateral meeting between Trump and Modi, the two leaders “discussed progress on different aspects of their strategic partnership and upcoming opportunities to ensure it remains strong.”
“The President reaffirmed the importance of greatly increasing trade between the US and India, and highlighted the need for resolving barriers to free, fair, and reciprocal trade, which includes improving US companies’ market access in India.
“The President noted good progress on defence and security cooperation.
“Additionally, the President encouraged Prime Minister Modi to improve relations with Pakistan and fulfil his promise to better the lives of the Kashmiri people.
“Finally, both leaders expressed concerns about the situation in Afghanistan and shared ideas about how to work together to promote security and prosperity in the country,” the readout said.
On Tuesday, while speaking to mediapersons ahead of their bilateral talks, Trump said that Modi would “take care” of the issue of Pakistan-sponsored terror and that Modi had given the message on terrorism to Islamabad “loud and clear” from the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ stage, that was shared by the US President in Houston on Sunday.
When asked what message he had for Pakistan on being actively involved in training militants, Trump said: “Well, I mean, the message is not for me to give, it’s for Prime Minister Modi to give.
“And I think he gave that loud and clear the other day when we were together (in Houston for ‘Howdy, Modi!’). He gave a pretty loud message. And I’m sure he’ll be able to handle that situation.”
Trump had also said that it would be great if both India and Pakistan can work out something on Kashmir.
“I’m sure we all want to see that. But I really believe that Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Khan, they get along — they will get along when they get to know each other. And I think a lot of good things will come from that meeting,” Trump had said.

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